Service issues on our Secap 24K and 30K

We are curious and would like to know if others are having issues with getting service on Secap / Bryce addressing systems!?

Part availability, High Prices, Long delays getting parts!?

Or is it just our local dealers?

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5 Responses to “Service issues on our Secap 24K and 30K”

  1. mailerdan says:

    This is exactly why we have sold off our Secap Jet 1 and 30K.
    We will NEVER purchase from SeCraPB or any PB owned company again.
    We were happy Secap clients,, hell, we go back to when they were Datatech and Scriptomatic, up untill the last,, 3 or 4 years, then it’s been all down hill. Buying the Jet 1, that killed it for us!

  2. Blog Admin says:

    I believe the situation has a lot to do with were you are located and a lot of changes going on at Secap. I think things will improve once Pitney Bowes settles into Secap and gets a better feel for the operation.

  3. mailerman says:

    I think someone is playing optimistic politician! My $$ is on Secap being closed within 3 years,, if not sooner! At this time every Pitney Bowes stock holder should be asking “why are we keeping them open, and having duplicate expenses? Why just roll them into Pitney at this point?”

  4. elsievo says:

    Had problems creating a new post so I thought I would try to resurrect this one.

    Was wondering if anyone knows if and where to get parts for a Bryce 30k. Looking for a control board (the one with the buttons for the menu etc. and a Media support Wedge.

    Are parts available or should I junk this thing.

  5. mikem says:

    Send the board into All For Mailers.
    They fixed my button / display board for my 30K and my 22K board, about 4 years ago. Haven’t had anymore problems with either.

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